Corralejo – Fuerteventura Buceo Diving Center


Dive at Lobos Island

Come dive with us and discover the Isla de Lobos, the Museum of the Atlantic, Playa Blanca and the south of Lanzarote. Daily departures from the port of Corralejo at 9:00 am with a double dive and return to port at 14:00 approximately.


A paradise within your reach

Dive with us aboard our new Diving my Life boat with departures from the Port of Corralejo, north of Fuerteventura, to the Lobos island and the neighboring Playa Blanca on Lanzarote Island.

Daily departures from the port of Corralejo at 9 am for a two-tank dive and a return to the port at approximately 2 pm.


About us

Niko Caraballo and his entire Fuerteventura Buceo team will make your diving unique, save and funy experience. Ejoy diving like never before with our experienced team. Do not miss the opportunity to dive with the best dive guides on the island. Just talk to Niko and make your reservation!In Fuerteventura Buceo we know that your diving experience has to be unforgettable, that is why our commitment is focused on meeting your expectations from the moment you enter to our center, boat, equipment and the most importantly, the human treatment from our team. Enjoy a unique diving experience with us in north of Fuerteventura.


Lobos Island has an area of 6 square kilometers framed by almost 14 kilometers of coastline made up of steep cliffs that can be seen from Corralejo, as it is located just 2 kilometers from Fuerteventura and 8 kilometers from Lanzarote.

It is believed that the island was inhabited since Roman times and, later, after the occupation of the Canary Islands, it would be used to hunt sea lions and as a refuge for pirates. In the past, the island was massively inhabited by sea lions. There were so many animals that were there that they would give the island its name. Each sea lion needs about 40 kilos of fish a day, so the fishermen, alerted to the decrease in marine resources in the area, eliminated most of the sea lions.

Welcome on board our diving boat…

The most comfortable way to dive Fuerteventura, our boat is equipped with 12 places for divers. We leave from the port of Corralejo to spend a day diving and enjoying the diving sites at Lobos Island and on Playa Blanca, in the south of Lanzarote Island.

Upon arrival we will assign you the place where you can find your tanks and a dry storage for your belongings. During the trip, you will be able to enjoy our on-board cafeteria service while we plan the first dive and we explain our diving routine.

Our daily diving plan with two consecutive dives in different areas of Lobos Island will allow you to enjoy this protected area also during our calm navigation, enjoying a snack between dives. The idea is that you spend a different day of diving with all the comforts and services on board.

  • Equipped with showers, bathrooms and a dry storage area for belongings
  • Our ship has a kitchen and bar-cafeteria service on board.
  • We have a storage room for your equipment so that you will not have to carry it daily and you will find it every day at your diving station.
  • We have 20 tanks of 12 liters each x 200 Bar (air)
  • Option to 15 and 10 liter tanks (*Subject to availability)


We have answers

All divers will be responsible for their adequate state of health for the practice of diving modality in order to assure safe conditions. For the practice of recreational diving, including first contact, Discover Scuba Diving (baptism) or similar, a responsible statement of the diver about their state of health will be required by the person in charge of the diving center, which will be carried out by filling out a questionnaire. If with the answers, it appears that the diver has any condition that could affect his safety, the diving practice will not be permitted until they prove the passing of an annual medical examination.
The minimum age stipulated by law to carry out diving activities is 10 years of age.
Don’t worry about anything, we provide you with all the equipment you need to enjoy this unique experience. This is what you would need:
  • Scuba diving vest (BCD)
  • Diving goggles or face mask
  • Wetsuit with or without hood Wetsuit boots
  • Fins
  • Weight belt
  • Gas supply with two second stages
  • Gas supply pressure control device
  • Cutting device
This depends on several factors. Depending on the qualification of each diver, it will be possible to dive to a depth of up to 40 meters. However, in our diving sites the maximum depth is of 32-34 meters (only for certified divers)-. In the case of children up to 12 years of age, the dive depth may not exceed 2 meters. NOTE: In our Discover Scuba Diving (baptism) dives, we prefer to limit the depth to help our future divers enjoy the experience more and better, given that, the more depth you descend the air consumption of the oxygen bottle is bigger and the duration of the diving will be considerably reduced.
For the Discover Scuba Diving (baptism) course, no previous knowledge or training is necessary, you will only need predisposition and the desire to enjoy the marine life. Before entering the water, our instructors will perform a general briefing where the basic signals to communicate underwater will be explained. For more experienced divers, they need to know all the basic concepts necessary to enjoy the diving experience in a safe and responsible manner.
This activity has an approximate duration of 40 minutes underwater and a total duration since leaving the port of approximately 90 minutes. These are approximate times and the activity isn’t measured by the time spent, therefore, these figures could vary slightly without hindering the quality of the dive.


Avda. Saladar S/N. CC. Cosmo. Local 49. 35626. Morro Jable, Las Palmas


Puerto de Corralejo. 35660, Corralejo. Fuerteventura, Las Palmas.